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An LED powered lamp poster by Jean-Sébastien Lagrange

By March 25, 2013April 11th, 2019No Comments


We just had to share this cross between a poster and a lamp created by French designer Jean-Sébastien Lagrange. The energy friendly LEDs illuminate when a magnet at the bottom right corner is folded up to another, connecting the start and end of a conductive ink trail to complete the circuit.


The LEDs are scattered along the snaking pattern of the ink lines, with a row of the tiny lights running along the gentle fold to create a glowing uplight.


The bottom of the sheet is cut at an angle so it appears horizontal when the magnets are attached and wires hang behind the poster to connect the circuit to an electricity supply.



The lamp poster was created in collaboration with French design studio Chevalvert and is currently on display at the Biennale Saint-Étienne, which continues until the end of this month.



Original text and article from Photos are by Véronique Pecheux.